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What should I prepare for the presentation?

  • Students can style their presentation however best fits their project.
    • Do you have a poster prepared for a class? We can display your poster on our tv monitors for you to present and discuss your project.
    • Do you have a research paper? We recommend a "lightning talk" style presentation where you summarize and present on the most important findings.
    • Do you have a creative or artistic project? We can display your project on the monitors and suggest a "lightning talk" style presentation about your process and outcomes. You can perform a composition or show any media projects on the monitors.

Do I submit slides or my poster ahead of time?

  • We will have a hook up for students to use their own laptops to present their slides or poster on the TV monitors.

What if the paper is not done by the deadline to apply for the symposium?

  • If you need to submit your project after registering to present, you can email them to Victoria Peters once they are complete.

Am I allowed to submit more than one project?

  • Students can submit their projects separately but the Libraries will let you know, based on the number of submissions, if students can present more than once. 

If I submit a paper to the symposium, would that hurt its chances of getting published in other journals?

  • Here is some language from a big publisher on the topic of prior publications: "An author should not in general publish manuscripts describing essentially the same research in more than one journal or primary publication. Elsevier does not view the following uses of a work as prior publication: publication in the form of an abstract; publication as an academic thesis; publication as an electronic preprint."

  • Publishers are more concerned if an item has gone through peer-review in a prior publication and usually will accept the addition of a statement like “This is an original manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in [JOURNAL TITLE] on [date of publication], available at:[Article DOI].”

  • Your paper would be considered a "electronic pre-print or pre-publication academic thesis." One of the benefits of publishing in the repository is you have a citation and permanent URL to use for your CV or graduate school applications. Items can always be removed by the library if a publisher requires it or you don't want the work to be available anymore.

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