Answered By: Victoria Peters
Last Updated: Aug 08, 2023     Views: 13

When creating online learning materials, making sure everyone has access is an important factor. Not just affluent people, not just people who can see or hear, not just people who can read English – everyone.

As authors and institutions build and share OER and other resources, best practices in accessibility need to be part of the instructional and technical design from the start. We have legal and ethical responsibilities to ensure our learning resources are fully accessible to all learners, including those with disabilities.

The National Center on Accessible Educational Materials and PACER Center have developed a brief video in easy-to-understand language that provides an overview of accessibility features to look for in digital learning materials. This open-captioned video is intended to increase awareness of:

  1. features that can be designed into digital materials to increase broad usability and accessibility and
  2. the importance of considering accessibility features in the selection digital educational materials.

We invite you to view and share this video with colleagues, students and families. For more information about accessible educational materials, visit